The Spooky Action Roundup

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2020)

We are Spooky Action At A Distance.Spooky Action At A Distance band photo by Breaking Reality

Except Newton and Einstein didn’t discover us.  We create tunes with the intention of moving, changing, or otherwise affecting ourselves and others without being physically touched.  We are Tory, Les, and myself.

We also have our first gig today. In Tory’s garage. In front of people.  And I might forget how to play. Or completely lose myself in the sound.  Either way, it should be a rousing experience of Rockstar debauchery.

Band Links

You lovely connoisseurs of melodic notes have been asking “Where can I listen to Spooky Action At A Distance?” Well, here’s a freaking roundup post full of links

The Spooky Action

Dead Pornography

Once the band, now the solo act work of Tory. Also music SAAAD plays. So…still the band?


This is all of Les’s EDM experiments. If you need to dance, 808 these jams.

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