How to Be A Rockstar | Step 1: Passion

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)


Is the fire burning deep inside your heart.  Is lust aching between partners wrapped in each other’s embrace.  Is so intense an emotion, it can induce suffering upon one’s soul.  Is total immersion in pleasure, experienced thoroughly by all senses.  Is harmoniously self-defining.  Is an obsessive risk to the well-being.

Passion.  Is STEP 1 towards becoming a Rockstar.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, I do not only mean “Rockstar” in the musical aspect.  I refer to any realm which tugs at your heartstrings.  Music.  Painting.  Botany.  Psychology.  Fishing.  Environmental Protection.  Artifact Restoration.  Whatever.  If it’s all you crave…if it keeps you up at night…it’s your passion.


Keep in mind, act cautiously in pursuit so as not to harm yourself.  Stay safe, sane…and consensual, especially if your passion involves the participation of another individual.  Rockstars respect the welfare of others.



If you are unfamiliar, the song is “Blue Guitar” by Heart off their 1983 album Passionworks.  Ann Wilson sings a familiar story, presumably of her little sister, Nancy, staring at the body of her greatest love–her guitar.  This tale harkens back to the days of a younger Breezer.  Let’s step back into the time machine. 

I grew up in a house revering music and the arts.  Mom learned to sing (one of her passions) from classic Heart and Zeppelin tunes.  She even sang in Dad’s band when the dated.  To this day when I visit, I will wake up to my Dad playing “The Battle of Evermore” or “The Rain Song” on his mandolin.  vivid memories creep in of my toddler self fascinatingly untuning Dad’s guitar strings.  At about 9-10, they gifted me my first beginner’s acoustic.  At 12, I received my first electric–a blue Squier Stratocaster.  I beamed. And Dad probably did, too.  At about 19, I saved up my first grand and purchased my first real “Made In the USA” Olympic White Stratocaster.  Her name is “OlyBeau.”  She’s the guitar I still play.  she will always be my favorite.

Oly Beau

If you’re unsure of your passion, look into your childhood.  The Universe blessed me with one full of fond memories.  I know not all of you may possess the same fortune, but dig deep.  You will find it.  And it will bring you a lifetime of happiness.   

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  1. I think passion is number one when it comes to the concept of music in general. with music we are emoting feelings, and the number one way to do that is to have passion. Thanks for sharing!

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