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Category: Spooky Action At A Distance

Despite All My Rage…

…Facebook can still invoke 24 hour bans over bullshit satirical photos. I will be making other forms of social media my primary source of exchanging info, quips, and life experiences.  I will not remain confined in a cage.

Bean the Coworker: "So, Brie, how was band practice last night?"

ME: "Well, Les couldn't make it cuz he's moving, so Tory and I worked on a new dance song.  It's Alice in Wonderland inspired.  We want Les to voice the Cheshire Cat and sample him saying "We're all mad here, Baby."

Dab the other Coworker: "Why is Les the Cheshire Cat? Does he disappear?"

ME: Well, he *did* miss band practice yesterday."

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