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A Family Affair

I’m sitting on my orange IKEA couch, looking out the balcony view waiting…waiting for Baby Bro and his Beau to arrive so we can wait…wait for my parents to get into town for the first time since they helped move me in over three years ago.


All it took was me surprising my Ma for her Birthday with 5 tickets to see Alice Cooper. ย She was absolutely shocked. #werenotworthy


This will be my fourth time seeing him live. ย And not only do we get the pleasure of seeing the killer’s antics onstage, but we get to listen to Nita Strauss kill it on guitar.


Rรฉ asked me earlier this week if I felt excited about the show. ย I recently noticed a shift in my anticipation when it comes to concerts. ย The star struck awe doesn’t linger into days beforehand…not like when I was 18-20. ย However, when at the shows, I focus much more on the energy. ย I live in the moment. ย I preserve the memories. ย Feeling the music truly awes. ย And I can’t wait to preserve more memories with with my family spending time experiencing the music of Alice Cooper.




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