(Last Updated On: March 31, 2020)

So, I’ve made up my mind on on new life endeavour.

I enjoy my day job, but with the economy in it’s current state, I need a side hustle about which I’m passionate.  I absolutely adore beauty and fashion.  I always have.  My grandmother, Twilla, a rural farm girl from central IL, worked at a boutique in my hometown for over 30 years.  Clients from Chicago would travel to see her when buying evening wear, gowns, and fashionable business outfits.

I’m that strange mix of pink & black, frills & leather.  Following that, I plan to open an Etsy shop selling what I call “junk necklaces” & distressed band tees.  I’ve already started buying beads and supplies, so these are not some idle ramblings.

I cannot wait to share my collections with you in the future! 💍

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