My Rockstar Review: Stitch Fix

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2018)

Hello, Lovelies!
Here we go. Another Rockstar Review of a product I’ve wanted to try for so long–Stitch Fix.
Below is my video vlog review complete with music by The Spooky Action.

*NOT a sponsored review video

Why I Chose Stitch Fix

Over the past five months, I’ve spent a lot of time downsizing my closet and giving it out to friends who will love and cherish the pieces as much as I do. It’s funny how some of us cling onto material objects taking up space.
Clothes are often more than simply functional. A dress may be the one you specifically picked out for a friend’s wedding. Or the perfect suit may be the one you wore to your first day of your adult day job. So when you find yourself marveling at them while simply taking up space, you’re not simply looking at sewn together fabric; you’re viewing your memories.
However, I possess a lot of memories. If memories incarnate need to move along, I need a damn good reason to take the jump. Like making room for new memories and passing along meaningful ones to friends.

Also, I’m trying to downsize for any future moves into a house and upgrade to look even more glamorous professional at day job.


So…What Is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service for women and men (and everyone in between). The company’s mission involves fusing technology and the touch of personal seasoned stylists to bring you your perfect wardrobe and follow you as it may evolve. In 2011, founder Katrina Lake started Stitch Fix in her Cambridge apartment while attending Harvard (fuck yeah, educated business women!).
Stitch Fix offers Women’s sizes 0-24W (XS-3X), including petite and maternity as well as Men’s sizes 28-42W (XS-2X). First, you fill out your style profile ranging from sizes, cut preferences, and price ranges. Five pieces are delivered to you based on your fix frequency. I set mine to every three months. Keep what you love and send the rest back. Delivery and returns are free. The more feedback you provide your stylist, the better your fixes will tailor your style. There is absolutely NO SUBSCRIPTION or obligations.


What’s in Breezer’s Stitch Fix?

Rockstar Chic appropriate for the office or on stage. And my stylist, Stacey, did NOT disappoint!


  • Glamorous
  • Classic
  • Romantic
  • Edgy


I’m about to hit 30. I’ve evolved out of my teenage angst Kohl’s duds and my college slinky late night dresses. I keep it casual on the weekends with my band tees, but as I downsize, I want to upgrade the closet to more professional clothes edgy enough to also make a fierce statement out of the office.


1) MARKET & SPRUCE Elissa French Terry Grey Moto Jacket
2) PAPERMOON Damara Plum Shirt Dress
3) STELLA & RUBY Gordon Gold Metal Statement Necklace
4) AMERICAN ABLE Malla Black Knit Top
5) MARKET & SPRUCE Liano Mixed Material Navy Floral Top

What else?

Each Fix comes a note from your stylist and outfit suggestions complete with photo visuals to help you brainstorm the hundreds of ways to wear your new pieces!

Were the Results Worth It?

This was my February Fix.
I just received my second Fix today.
I’ve already bought again!


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