Top 5 Rockstar Styles: Spring 2020

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2020)

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. A transition into the lighter part of life. While we may be stuck inside during The ‘Rona Quarantine, we can still keep up on the latest trends I deem Rockstar worthy. with help from Refinery29, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue.Cardi B Guess What GIF - CardiB GuessWhat CoronaVirus - Discover ...

Trending Colors

Denim Margarine Pistachio Cocoa Saffron Peach


Make a statement with highlighter brights. The runways saw them, why not your pets?! Let them hold the stage paired with neutrals. It might be easy to find neon dresses this season, but look for a fun pair of sneakers for your socially distant walks.

Waistcoat Vests

Menswear for women is back, including a variety of waistcoats vests of lengths and styles. Wear one with a three piece suit (you know, to prep for the post-quarantine party), a mismatched jacket, or even hot pants. Don a wool vest for the chilly Spring days if you need to go out.

Airy Dresses

When a warm day appears, whip out a billowy, wafty, light-colored dress. They look great with booties or close-toed mules. Crochet & macramé dresses are in vogue. Try out one of those! Find a long-sleeved dress for the chilly days. I found a white dress with tropical print (yes, also trending) shoppable via Fashmates. Be a Golden Girl!

Button-down Men’s Workwear

Like I said, Menswear is in season. Snag your husband’s clean Carhartt shirt to use as a jacket or don an office button-down under a dress for a chill chic look. Hell, wear one with heavy trousers or a tiered skirt to your next remote conference call.


Denim. A wardrobe classic. One in every rockstar’s arsenal. Whether it’s jeans or a pair of cutoff hot pants, wear the suckers with badass confidence…around your house.

What is your favorite Spring trend?

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