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(Last Updated On: June 30, 2020)

People love stories.

So here’s one of mine.

I’ve been a fashionista since I could tell my mom my raspberry pink bow did not in fact match my cranberry pink outfit.  We called this the “Hansen’s Villa” gene a la the Boutique my grandmother Twilla worked at in our hometown for over 30 years.  Her charm was so loved, clients from Chicago left the city just to buy the perfect dress from classy Twilla. 

Grandma grew up a farm girl with an unmistakable laugh you could hear from over a country mile.  I believe she loved couture clothes and the posh things in life as she grew up without them as the oldest sister of seven kids.  Boy, do I miss her cooking.

Grandma & Grandpa’s house truly provided Nate & me with the best memories I still dream about.  I played dress up in her older clothes she let the grandkids use.  I practiced applying blush with her Mary Kay compact.  I stumbled around in vintage heels.  Grandma & Grandpa’s fostered my love for clothing and makeup as art.

Silver linings in the mist of all this Coronapocalypse madness allowed for me to focus on building my Poshmark side hustle business.  Just a few weeks ago, success with selling wavered.  I decided I needed to clean out my closet and research some selling strategies.  Thanks to The Deal Queen for some great tips! 

Spring cleaning revitalized my dream of wanting to resell badass Rockstar items, and Poshmark allowed me to expand the dream of running an online boutique full of specifically curated pieces in a wide variety of sizes.  To clarify, my MetalGlam Closet contains trendy New With Tags (NWT) and Like-New Rockstar pieces for resale.  My MetalGlam Boutique will continue to accumulate a curated collection of NWT pieces to create the basic edgy looks every Rockstar needs!

I am so inspired and excited to grow on this adventure with all of you!

If you love edgy glam fashion with a twist of romantic boho, shop the first piece in my MetalGlam Boutique today!

What styles do you want to see in my MetalGlam Closet & Boutique?

Poshmark I'm A Rockstar Crop Top


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