Best Rockstar Beauty Trends For Summer 2021

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2021)

Hello, my name is Valery, and I am an apprentice at Homegrown Hair Co. My apprenticeship allows me to learn all the latest trends in nails, makeup, and hair. With spring ending, summer is ready to come in full swing. I have a few exciting predictions for summer trends.

Hi! I’m Valery!


I expect to see pastels and vivid bright colors as spring ends. We will see lavender purples, mints, creams, and pinks. These will lead into more dense colors as summer starts. This will bring more rich bright blues, pigmented berry, vibrant reds , and even some vivid greens.

Khaleesi Blondes

At the salon, we are seeing more and more clients want to go lighter and brighter. White blondes are still very much in style and I do not see that changing anytime soon. We all want Khaleesi status in our lives and it looks gorgeous on almost any one! More and more high contrast blondes, along with 90’s chunky highlights are making a comeback. I don’t know how trendy 90’s highlights can get but I’m excited about seeing a more modern take on them.

After the pandemic, people have been looking for different ways of expressing themselves through their looks. Some people have been ditching their natural colored hair for bright colorful colors and edgier cuts. The use and popularity of color blocking has allowed many clients to have that expression without sacrificing their natural look. I definitely see this trend continuing into the summer.

Boy Cuts

As far as cuts go, shaved heads and Mullets have been a big hit in the past 6 months but I predict that they will fade out in summer. You will probably see more 90’s boy cuts, bobs, and long hair as we transition into the warmest months. I also want to say a more modern faux hawk could be in our near future.

Neat Nails

Nails will continue with minimalist designs. Fine lines and dots will continue to be all the rage. Stiletto nails will become a very popular shape, for those bold enough to wear them. Gold motifs, and color blocking will also become popular. Jewels will probably become less seen. Think simple and bold.

Keep It Natural

Summer is all heat and we all know sweat and makeup do not mix. With that in mind, I see more glowing skin that stays on the natural side. Instead of full coverage foundation opt for a CC cream or BB cream. Something less coverage that leaves a soft glow and dewy finish.

Playful Lips

With more natural skin, pairing brighter lipsticks will help contrast and add interest to your makeup look. Orange, coral, or a bold pink will be big this summer. If you would rather stick to a natural lip, Try playing with colorful eyeliners in fun ways. Floating eyeliner and underlined brows are picking up popularity.

As always with fashion and beauty, have fun, enjoy and do what makes you feel the best. Fashion and beauty is a wonderful avenue for expression. I’m excited to see these new trends and what this summer will bring.

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