The MyLAAR Council’s Top Songs~September 2021

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2021)

Whatever happened to those top tens I used to do? Well, I don’t have enough fucking time to pump one of those suckers out myself. Instead, I asked the MyLAAR Council for some help. Keep your musical friends close, and your headphones closer.

Fferyllt ~ “Black Sails”

Folk Metal band Fferyllt out of Russia blend harsh vocals with traditional instruments and top it off with the beautiful voice of Ms. Ekaterina Godlewskaya. Black Sails is off their 2015 record, Achanterez. I highly recommend a listen through the entire album!


Dave Brubeck ~ “Take Five”

This is the perfect song for the end of the work day. A joint and a shot of bourbon, Pinot Grigio and a cigarette…and this song.”

L. Hardy

Dead Pornography ~ “Dance Of The Dead”

I spent part of last week tweaking the guitar tracks to answer the question, ‘What if this were recorded by The Edge?’


(Okay. So the track @vonmulch chose isn’t ready to come out the oven yet, but here’s the playlist from the latest Dead Pornography album.)

Fear Factory ~ “Aggression Continuum”

Breezer told me to pick only one song, so I picked the title track for the whole fucking album. 🤘🏼


Alien Weaponry ~ “Tangaroa

My Māori boys are back, bringing a heavy underwater jam not heard since Dethklok’s Dethwater album


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