The MyLAAR Council’s Top Songs~October 2021

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2021)

The Spooky month of October falls upon us, and so does another round of tunes for you to check out, including plenty with Spooky Action. Enjoy!

Dead Pornography (Bauhaus Cover) ~ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”

Shameless Self Promotion! It’s time for Halloween. Who better to embody the spookiness than The Count himself? Now if I can only get the cover license sorted out…


The Heimatdamisch (Guns & Roses Cover) ~ “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

The mark of a well written song, in my opinion, is that it can be covered in any genre and still sound awesome.

L. Hardy

Ghost ~ “Hunter’s Moon”

I just said I’m listening to three songs, but I didn’t name the third because I need content for next time. I’m being mysterious.

Breezer: I’ll throw in a smartass reference to Mr. GrayMetal’s latest entry.

I mean, you made up my last one, so why not just do it again. Asshole.


Kalmah ~ “Heroes To Us”

If there was a textbook on how to write a melodic death metal song with all the different elements you could pack in, this song would be the showcase on the cover. Melodic lead lines, driving rhythms, tempo changes, and different scream styles are all packed into this single song! I first heard this song when I was learning to play guitar. To this day, this song (and the entire album) continues to be one of my primary influences when writing music.


Cute Is What We Aim For ~ “The Curse of Curves”

I’ve been listening to this song about a boy who is great with words and can get what he wants, but he’s with a girl whose personality he doesn’t like. So, he cheats on her.


Alice Cooper ~ “Unfinished Sweet”

You all know Alice Cooper is my goddamn hero, and who better to be included in a spooky post than the King of Vaudeville Halloween himself? This song is about…GOING TO THE DENTIST! Candy everywhere, chocolate in my hair, sticky sweet suckers in the Halloween air! Sweet dreams, Rockstars!


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