Noises From The Basement: S1E1 – Dead Face Mask

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2023)
Breezer & Josh introduce themselves for the first time to listeners. They review their song picks throughout the episode, give takes on Metal news, and Thrash Talk. Songs featured are from TesseracT, Orbit Culture, and Traindodge.
  1. TesseracT – “War of Being”
    • Genre: Prog Metal, Djent
    • Similar: Meshuggah
  2. Orbit Culture – “From the Inside”
    • Genre: Swedish Melodic Death, Groove Metal
    • Themes: Science, Mythology, Struggles of humanity
    • Similar: Gojira
  3. Traindodge – “Face Thieves”
    • Genre: Post-Hardcore?, Rock, Indie, Prog, Whatever

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