Down on the West Coast…

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2016)

Down on the West Coast, they love their movies
Their golden gods and rock and roll groupies
And you’ve got the music, you’ve got the music
In you, don’t you?

This song.

This song is on repeat.

Not only does the musical juxtaposition of composition grab you, the video works right in cinematic tandem.  Lana Del Rey is torn between two love interests, whether they are actual people or personifications of playful, more innocent, carefree love and a presumably more mature, exotic yet stable life.

The tempo subtly shifts between the verses and the chorus, visually switching between the interests.  The whole film is shot in black and white, suggesting an equal struggle while wavering back and forth between her decision.  Near the end of the song, Lana is portrayed in a visually striking triadic color schemed shot, donning a brilliant red dress, surrounded by flames while singing “I’m in love.” Following, she remains in black and white while wearing a black leather jacket.  At this turning point, we are left to assume she chose ambition and success over a a more simple love.

I suppose this conflict remains one most must confront in their lives. Can we find happiness in life’s simple pleasures, or are we destined to follow the road lined with opulence?

Either way, a new favorite two-piece rock band named Royal Blood loved this song enough to cover it, and you should listen right now.


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