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Countdown to COA: Cane Hill

Do you miss the enraged sound of old Slipknot?  Here’s a band inspired by the sound of Corey Taylor’s grizzled screams and growls and the down-tuned discord of whole band.

If you love the Nu Metal and/or Industrial Metal genres, you’re sure to find this band intriguing.


  • Elijah Witt – vocals
  • James Barnett – guitarist
  • Ryan Henriquez – bass
  • Devin Clark – percussionist

While the guys hail from New Orleans, Louisiana, they found inspiration from across the pond, choosing to name the band after an abandoned psychiatric hospital in the United Kingdom.  Since their formation in 2011, they’ve toured with other well-known groups, including Bullet For My Valentine and Atreyu.  They also joined the 2016 lineup of Vans Warped Tour.

Though a young band, even Cane Hill elicits provocative imagery through their work.  The music video for “(The) New Jesus” comments on idolatry in today’s society.  Elijah Witt stated,

(The) New Jesus is the beginning. It is the end. It is everything in between. It’s time to reconsider who you idolize/worship. The video itself enters you into who Cane Hill really is.

Judge for yourself.



Thank You, Spotify!

1)  (The) New Jesus

2)  Sunday School

3)  Time Bomb

4)  You’re So Wonderful

5)  Ugly Model Mannequin



Studio albums

  • Smile (Rise, 2016)


  • Cane Hill (EP) (Rise, 2015)


If you enjoyed these songs, please consider helping a band by purchasing their music.


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