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Tag: music

Djent Breeze

Happy Metal Monday! I’m staying alert at work with Gojira & Meshuggah while bearing my shoulders in a new sleeveless halter despite the cool Autumn air.  And, yes. Those are tiny tigers. Stay warm, Lovies. 💖🤘🎸

Rockstar Tip #1

A quick Rockstar life tip to help you through your day… Speaking from personal experience, especially recent circumstances with losing my brother, look to music (whether listening or playing) and sharing a laugh to help you through rough days, anxiety, … Continue Reading Rockstar Tip #1

Nitro Nate

You smell like Gucci Guilty out of the box. You taste like Starbucks Passionfruit Lemonade on a sunny day. With Coco Wheats and a toasty cinnamon roll. You sound like wub wub dubstep. You look like me. Only taller. And … Continue Reading Nitro Nate