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(Last Updated On: July 13, 2017)

Even though this band has lurked around for quite awhile, my radar only recently honed in on them, despite my love for Groove and Death Metal.  Not until 2012 did the band’s frontman, Johannes Eckerström, adopt a clown-like countenance harkening back to the days of KISS and Alice Cooper.  According to his accounts, this aspect of his persona stood out as the missing touch.


  • Johannes Eckerström – lead vocals ( 2001–present)
  • Jonas “Kungen” Jarlsby – guitars ( 2001–present)
  • Tim Öhrström – guitars, backing vocals ( 2012–present)
  • Henrik Sandelin – bass, backing vocals ( 2001–present)
  • John Alfredsson – drums ( 2001–present)

Sweden pops out another Death Metal band, and I am not disappointed.  Avatar stuck with European tours early into their formation, frequently opening for notables like In Flames (See? We’re in good hands.)  Björn Gelotte from In Flames even contributed a guitar solo on “Letters From Neverend.”  The band gained more traction with the release of the music video for “Queen of Blades,” a reference you gamer geeks might appreciate.  Blizzard Entertainment shared the video as it references character Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft.

Expanding the fanbase further came the group’s first U.S. Tour promoting the album The Black Waltz alongside Lacuna Coil and Sevendust.  Riding the stardom storm, Avenged Sevenfold handpicked the band to fill in for Device when David Draiman needed to bow out of the tour to attend to personal matters.

Suffice it to say, this band is not afraid to tour, and I cannot freaking wait to see them live if for no other reason than to see Johannes drink from a gas can!


Thank You, Spotify!

1)  Hail the Apocalypse

2)  Let It Burn

3)  Smells Like A Freakshow

4)  Black Waltz

…I just want to point out the similarities between the theme in Black Waltz and Alice Cooper’s performance of “Years Ago” on his 1975 television performance of The Nightmare (Special Guest Star Vincent Price)…the segment starts right around 31:00 into the video.

5)  Torn Apart

***)  There’s Something In My Front Pocket For You (South Park Cover)


Studio albums

  • 2006 – Thoughts of No Tomorrow
  • 2007 – Schlacht
  • 2009 – Avatar
  • 2012 – Black Waltz
  • 2014 – Hail the Apocalypse
  • 2016 – Feathers & Flesh


  • 2011 – Black Waltz EP


  • 2003 – Personal Observations
  • 2004 – 4 Reasons to Die


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