Spotlights on Followers: March 2018

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2018)

Yeah, I blew it and missed February.

I’m encountering some substantial life changes.  Along with maintaining my health and figuring out a writing schedule, my presence has been somewhat unpredictable.  But I assure you, I AM here.

  • Living Dead Girl Nicole –I have thrown love at LDG Nicole in the past being a fellow lover of the macabre and metal.  To get a feel for her artistic expression, here’s a quote, “When other little girls wanted to be ballerinas.. I wanted to be Elvira.” Growing up, she created pieces standing out beyond the rest of her peers.  Any of you savvy Metalheads reading may have noticed her notable name.  This is no accident.  She adores Rob Zombie and his work from music to film.  She’s had her work show up in One-Eyed Doll‘s merch.  Please consider supporting LDG Nicole by purchasing her spooky artwork.
  • Donna Florack: Heron There & Everywhere –Donna began writing in High School, creating  fictional exploits starring her friends and sharing them during lunchtime.  Life happened, and her writing career fell to the sides.  Upon her sons growing up and her husband changing careers, Donna found herself with much spare time to fill.  She turned back to writing.  She avidly reads and blogs.  Annelise and Barney: An A to Z Collection of Short Stories is her first published book about a young girl befriending an old man with Alzheimer’s disease.  When she is not writing, she is enjoying the outdoors gardening and watching wildlife.
  • Purpleanais @ Arwenaragornstar: A French Girl’s MusingsPurpleanais is an opinionated French bookworm.  I found one of her vivid stories about shenanigans at an Aerosmith concert years ago which managed to appall even me and elicited a chuckle.  Needless to say, I commended her on her outgoing, free-spirited nature.  She followed me back.  I must be a unique enough character.  She finds intelligence extremely sexy (as do I).  She’s also a qualified journalist, in possession of the NCTJ diploma from the National Council for the Training of Journalists in the UK.  Keep us adventurous rockers amused with your escapades, mon cher.
  • Janine NissaJanine blogs about travel and fashion.  She is a freelance writer open to collaboration with fellow writers.  She obsesses over handbags (I hear you!) and delights her tastebuds with macarons.  When not en route to a new destination, in France or Spain, you can find her relishing in the simple joys of coffee shop company somewhere in Los Angeles.
  • Little Fears: Tales of Whimsy, Humor and Couregettes –Little Fears might be my biggest fan.  Nearly immediately after posting my latest musical thoughts, Little Fears shows up for the cheerleading support.  Peter Edwards is the illustrator and writer for the blog showcasing adorable deviant critters of your deepest nightmares.  The tales you’ll find depict “brief vignettes chronicles the daily lives of the Fears and their adventures.”  You might even say “Awww! That rabid squirrel is so cute!”

So there ya go, Lovelies.  Please like, subscribe, and follow my blog and show some love to my followers!  

Connect!  Make friends!  Network!  Live!  Learn from each other!

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