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Lyricals #8: Chronic Pain

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2018)

Remember Sarah Alo?
She is still kicking ass, despite battling the daily struggle of chronic pain.
Sarah stars in MENACE, a new original web series on Instagram produced by Frutti Hat Films. Sarah is also a creator, writer, producer & director for MENACE. The project even made Now This!

A few days ago, she posted a very candid video on her Instagram. I sent virtual hugs and love. Because Sarah is truly inspiring.

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I took this video (swipe for part 2) in 2016, immediately after I was diagnosed with #endometriosis. It took 8 years from the time I began pursuing a diagnosis to that moment — sadly, that’s better than the average, 10 years. I actually saw a gyno in 2008 and legit told her “I think I have Endometriosis.” Over and over I was dismissed, ignored, brushed off, mistreated, misdiagnosed, made to feel insane, made to feel worthless, narrowly missed getting molested by a creepy old doctor, and left with disabling symptoms that left me low-functioning, incredibly pained, and suicidal. I still suffer constant pain, but getting a diagnosis (and thus proper information) has empowered me and helped me find ways to reduce my severe pain to help me function better. Researching on my own, seeing @endowhat, talking to #endosisters IRL or on Instagram, and my sister’s research with detoxification and diet changes and healthy coping have all brought me answers for lessening symptoms like migraines, insomnia, fatigue, IBS, horrible periods, and mood symptoms. Doctors told me those symptoms were unrelated, but that’s bullshit. In fact, doctors told me little else but bullshit for 10 years. Thankfully, a few doctors got a few things right. I’m thankful for the doctor who diagnosed me, but she also told me if I took Lupron I’d feel better in 6 months. It’s two years later and Lupron was the worst 4 months of my life, which is saying a lot when you’ve been suicidal for nearly a decade. If you’re experiencing unexplained chronic illness or chronic pain, doctors aren’t always the best source of help. Beware that they don’t always know what’s best. Know your body above all, track your symptoms — you have to be like a detective putting clues together daily. Yes, you should consult a doctor, but you also need to take your health into your own control, do a lot of research, ask advice from other chronic sufferers, and carefully consider a variety of options. I took Lupron and it caused a 4-month nightmare to ensue — it made my bipolar symptoms absolutely unbearable and my pain was worse than ever. (continued in the comments)

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If you’re experiencing chronic pain, or if you ever feel hopeless, look to those around you who have ventured through Hell and lived to tell you survival is totally possible.


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