National Siblings Day

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2018)

I lost my baby brother, and every day is a struggle.

Everyone always said Nate brought people together. Right up until the end and even now when he is gone, he still does. He helped reunite family members and bring friends closer.

I have quite a few close friends I view as family, but the ones who cauterized the bleeding and stood literally at my side were my Ashley Bonita, little Sis Stephanie, Valery Viserion, forever sis Elenor, that asshole Bobby Bryce, Mitch Goggers, and my guard dog Rodney.

To be dramatic, if you’ve ever viewed the relevant religious artwork or done Stations of the Cross, the depiction of Jesus’s descent from the Cross fractally portrays what losing your sibling does to your body and soul. The pain physically manifests itself within you.

Spend everyday cultivating and cherishing your family.
Don’t take a single day for granted.
Listen to music.
Laugh often.
Live like Nate.

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