Lyricals #12: Fuck Politeness

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2019)

Fuck Politeness? Damn, Breezer. Isn’t that harsh?

No, it really is not.
If you’re a Murderino, you know what I’m talking about. To fuck politeness is to live in the moment. To rebuke the instinct to repress yourself from expressing your true feelings. Particularly for women, allowing ourselves to be nice instead of fucking politeness can lead us into dangerous situations. Or worse…a tragic true crime rendition on My Favorite Murder and yet another sweet baby angel gone too soon.
Breaking the social condition to act sweet or abstain from indulging in rudeness requires practice. Even for the more obstinate of us, prioritizing the needs of others over our own can overtake our surly nature or has done so in our past. Georgia Hardstark of the My Favorite Murder podcast opens her recent dual memoir with Karen Kilgariff Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered outlining the Murderino concept of fucking politeness as a social safety mechanism. She bravely follows her summary recounting a tale from her past involving a man whom she thought she could trust, ignoring her gut, and the internal shame suffered despite becoming a victim of harassment.
Takeaway: Fuck Politeness to the degree you feel is necessarily appropriate depending on the situation. Practice. Be kind to yourself.
SSDGM. Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered.

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