My Rockstar Review: BoxyCharm

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2019)

Why I Chose BoxyCharm

Have I mentioned I love makeup? and skincare products? and hair products?

I used to subscribe to Ipsy.  I definitely snagged some great trial sized products, but after some time, the picks didn’t suit me (I’m not big on neutrals…), and I did not need so many brushes.  Ipsy sent adorable bags in each order, but I do not need so many travel bags.  Sure, for $10/month, you get a good deal if you are a MetalGlam novice.  However, if you regularly pour over Vogue and scour every square inch of Ulta just for funsies, try something bigger.  Something better!

So…What Is BoxyCharm?

BoxyCharm is a beauty subscription box which gives you 4-5 FULL-SIZED beauty products for just $21/month!  Each box contains over $100 worth of product.  That’s EVEN LESS than WHOLESALE!!! *mindblown*  Oh.  And it’s the good stuff. 

Take your box a step further by following the hashtags with each product on social media to view tutorials and new ideas from fellow Charmers.  On top of these perks, Charmers enjoy exclusive offers, get the opportunity to win free products through BOXY-Giveaways, and receive reward points redeemable in the Charm Shop.

Did I mention you can even upgrade your box?

What’s in Breezer’s BoxyCharm?

1) GlamGlow Gentlebubble Cleanser

A divine facial cleanser which looks like unicorn snot but smells better!  The oat amino acids condition your skin.  It feels great and works thoroughly!

2) Milk Makeup Blur Stick

The blur stick minimizes the appearance of your pores without clogging them AND primes your face for a matte finish.  What more do you need???

3) Ciate London Eye Lustre Creme Eyeshadow in Ice

If you’re looking for a beautiful creamy eyeshadow fit for a frozen ice queen, snag this!  The shadow can be layered for full coverage or merely swiped on by itself or as a topper.

4) PÜR Pro Eyelash Curler

This rainbow beauty curls your lashes and does not pinch.  By the by, PUR collaborated specifically with BoxyCharm to create this magical tool.   

5) Luna By Luna Lip Gloss

I’m not usually into receiving nudes (ba dum tss), but this shiny Venus lasts and looks fab used as a topper.

What Else?

Each box exudes a theme.  #MakeWaves is the May Box motif.  Every product inspires the prism translucence of  tropical waves.  Additionally, you can discover other creative ways to use your new products by watching videos and scrolling through pics shared on BoxyCharm social media.  Follow the hashtags, people! 

What are Charms? ✨

Review items, get Charms.  They can be used exclusively at the Charm Room and 100 Charms equals $1.  You receive 500 Charms for each friend you refer!
Hi, Friend!

Is it Worth It?

If you are a MetalGlam Beautyholic, spend the extra cash towards this subscription box.  BoxyCharm sends high quality brands from the up-and-comers to the veterans.  So long as I can pony up the $20, I will continue building my beauty collection and exploring new products! 

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