UneXpected Unrepose

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2019)

Today, we hear from V, my badass Metal Brethren and fellow Halloween lover. While I’m a generational rocker possessing abundant knowledge of the veterans, V seeks the obscure and novel.
As we near Halloween, metalheads and music aficionados in general tend to gravitate toward “eerie” or “creepy” sounding music. Brie listens to Alice Cooper. I listen to the songs employing some orchestral strings (and other keyboard sounds), giving the music an immersive spooky effect. In fact, some metal bands think it is Halloween year-round and capitalize on this sound (ahem…black metal).
UneXpect flawlessly evokes the Halloween spirit. Few songs legitimately pull you in and give you chills like “The Shiver (Meet Me at the Carrousel).” This song attacks you with all kinds of time changes, chord progressions, and wonderful bass tapping that is further highlighted by the piano. Tie all that in with the two vocalists and you have a song that grips you by the neck and puts you face to face with the horrific clown. Portions of this song could probably be used in a horror movie giving you the impression time is running out, and you are losing your mind. That is the beauty of this band. Their sound captures a state of mind replicated by few other bands.
Don’t get me wrong. I still love the other bands I regularly listen to, but this band activates different sectors of your head and senses to give an experience unlike any other. This band is hands down one of the most underrated progressive metal groups of all time. I highly recommend you listen to the entire album In a Flesh Aquarium.~~V

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