Top 5 Rockstar Styles: Transitions 2019

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2019)

An Indian Summer, Carrie was all over the floor…She sing and dance all night and wrong all the right outta me!

Ahh…the transitions from Summer buds to Fall duds.  The central area of Illinois only now feels the nip of Autumn deep into October.  Honestly, I could have flip-flopped today.

Blue Velvet

Don’t let Lana’s chilling voice keep you blue.  Get your boho on, and throw on a pair of cords.  Indulge your inner whimsy with a peasant top.  Think rich earth tones and neutrals.  Or even blue suede shoes.

Bad Animals

This video had everything I wanted as a tot: kitty cats and pink guitars!  Well, some 80’s fashion may no longer be in vogue, but animal prints are here to last from Summer into Fall.  Especially big kitty cat prints.  Leopard, jaguar, or cheetah.  Pair your prints with accessories as black as the black panther following Ann Wilson around.

Perennial Colors

Oh my gourd! Fall colors in Fall?! Always.  Every variety is acceptable from neons to the metallics like Tatiana donned at Wacken 2019.  Orange especially grabs attention of passersby, and the fashionistas love it on your eyes this season.  Let me know if you can pull off a bright cat eye look like our Jinjer frontwoman.

Battle Ready

“But, Breezer! Denim in the Fall? LIKE…How UNORIG!”

Shut the fuck up and suit up.  Wear your authentic denim Metal Battle Jacket over your posh work attire to show your peeps what you really are: a chic Metal badass who knows how to walk in heeled boots AND headbang.


Boss Bitch

Turns out I’m 100% DAT BITCH.  And so are you!  The only boy problems you need are which trousers you gonna wear with that fierce, new blouse.  Or a midi dress with bright, bold statement boots.  Think in terms of outfits you can wear at the office and then to date night with your main squeezes.  And that truth don’t hurt!


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