Why I Must Get Drunk With You

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2020)

We’re three months into quarantine. If you follow the science, you’re still staying inside as much as possible, wearing a mask for everyone’s protection when you do venture out. We miss socializing when we cannot indulge in casually leaving the house…but that’s no reason why you can’t still drink with your bandmates…IN ABSENTIA!

If you miss your bandmates, be sure to send then a midsummer love letter confessing your undying camaraderie over a rum & coke. Or maybe you prefer a gin & tonic. Be as specific as possible. Hundreds of reasons exist. You only need to choose one. If you have this handy pad lying around, the hard part is complete.

Tory sends his platonic affection, assuring our livers can take it. I fondly remember the last time we drank heavily. That bastard drank my bottle of Kraken and hurled so violently in the wee morning hours, his bathroom looked akin to a crime scene. Fortunately, I slumbered in my own bed across town. My mind didn’t recall much, but I’m flattered he still believes our livers can still handle high levels of intoxication.

Has your bandmate sent you a love letter lately? Comment below!


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