“2020 Never Happened…” And Other Things I’m Telling My Future Children

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2020)

So, where the Hell have you been?

2020 never happened…

Okay. I know. I’ve not written as much this year. 2020 threw off most people’s groove, including mine.

I planned to accomplish more goals this year than I actually did. I gained weight back I desperately tried to keep off. My overall progress still pleases my doctors. I guess the overachiever in me still prevails. Fibromyalgia and insomnia still ravage my body, though I meditate. Since high intensity exercise exacerbates my symptoms, I have not been as active as I would like. I started researching workout programs for those living with fibromyalgia and chronic illness, so I will pursue these options further.

My day job continues to vastly disenchant me. I do not foresee myself lasting there more than 4 more years. As my passion for civil service in its current capacity wains, I strive to build something new. Or rather, build on my existing brand and teaching people how to be a Rockstar. Instagram provides an engaging avenue for sharing products and brand messaging. Recently, I’ve focused on revamping content and style on Instagram and across My Life As A Rockstar social media platforms.

What was your greatest achievement in your 2020?

Again, 2020 never happened…

…but if it did, despite the atrocities, quarantine and social distancing allowed me to explore a new source of revenue while at home. Contemplating how to best declutter, I turned to my Poshmark account, now @mymetalglamposh. In researching how to set myself for quick sells, I realized people resell as their full-time jobs. I learned successful reselling requires motivation and persistence. And many, many hours.

What was your biggest failure?

Failure. It sounds so final. I suppose I feel most guilty about not accomplishing my health goals, perhaps more specifically with exercise. I wanted to complete at least one circuit of my favorite high intensity interval training program, but my physician advised against doing so due to the fibromyalgia. Then COVID hit. And focusing on surviving with mental stability intact took precedence. In 2021, I want to start small with yoga at least 3 times a week.

What areas can you step back from?

Logistically, I cannot pull completely away from my day job, but I am rerouting. I do not feel…useful, well enough compensated considering both my educational background and work experience, or inspired. I feel overwhelmed to the point I cannot focus. This job literally contributes to the exacerbation of my chronic illness. I love my coworkers. I even love the physical environment. The issue stands with the political climate and administrative factors outside my control. I’m betting on myself to create a more fulfilling career path which still involves helping others–just not in the way I previously imagined.

How would you rate your happiness scale from 1-10?

Uhhh…7. Thank Halford COVID-19 has not affected anyone in my family. I feel massive gratitude for their good health alone. Factors negatively affecting my score? Definitely the current state of my career, much of the stagnation out of my hands. Further, slow progress with the improvement of my chronic illness exhausts the Hell out of me. I possess hope it will improve more quickly post-pandemic.

What do you hope to accomplish by this time next year?

I want to have 500+ pieces listed in the MetalGlam Closet, including distressed band tees. You can already shop bleach dye flannel I personally trashed along with premium and pre-loved items of Rockstar caliber.

2020 never happened?

Hell, I don’t even think I’ll end up having future children, but who knows.

2020 Never Happened...Breezer Andrew in a pink sweater, throwing up Metal horns, signaling her brand of "MetalGlam."

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