The MyLAAR Council’s Top Songs~December 2021

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2021)

Here we are. Winter Solstice. Yule. Christmas (stolen from the pagans). Kwanzaa. New Year’s. The holidays may still be unorthadox due to the Rona, but there’s always music to explore on your own or with friends and family.

OTMGirls ~ “Aggressive Girl”

Speaking of Japan rocking…It’s pretty clear somebody took the rights to my life and made me a Sanrio character when they pitched “Death Metal Red Panda.” Not only am I personally adorable, but I stumble through life qualms about as gracefully as Aggretsko. And that’s okay. I’m always up for drunken karaoke with friends so I can rage.”


Les Rita Mitsouko ~ “C’est comme ça”

I took French lessons in 1985 and 1986. Nowadays, the only French speak is “fries and onion dip.” But my pronunciation is still magnifique!

L. Hardy


An indie industrial duo from north of the border. This song is about exctly what the title makes you think. Discordant and clipped instrumentation blended and vocals as bipolar as the angty and vulnerable lyrics. Black Dresses is criminally underrated.


Robert Randolph and the Family Band ~ “Going In TheRight Direction”

I find oddities. RR plays a mean steel guitar. You know I love the blues, and this rnks right up there with my favorite bluesy songs. Go listen. That pedal steel is sexy AF.


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