Countdown to COA: Crobot

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2017)

I was skeptical about this band when I saw “Hard Rock” as the genre.  Today’s version of Hard Rock is a 3:30 minute song with formulaic structure which immediately turns me off.

That kind of “rock” is NOT this band.  Welcome, Crobot.

I felt like I was listening to a reborn Aerosmith when I first put this band on.  Beautiful bluesy classic rock sound with a modern makeover.  Each song presents a groove to which you must bob your head and swing your hips.


  • Brandon Yeagley – lead vocals, harmonica
  • Chris Bishop– guitar, vocals
  • Jake Figueroa – Bass
  • Paul Figueroa – Drums

Yeagley and Bishop founded the band with the Figueroa brothers joining up for the the self titled EP and first full length studio album produced by Machine, who’s worked with Lamb of God in the past.  These guys are known for touring constantly, another bit which reminds me of the early days of Aerosmith.  Apparently,  Yeagley’s frontman stage presence magnetizes crowds.  I shall see for myself in a few weeks.

These guys love to write songs about the supernatural…zombies, aliens, demons…there’s a clear interest.


Care of Spotify

1)  Nowhere to Hide

2)  Legend of the Spacebourne Killer

3)  La Mano de Lucifer

4) Not For Sale

5) Moment of Truth


If you enjoyed these songs, please consider helping a young band by purchasing their music.

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