Countdown to COA: Code Orange

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2017)

Now THIS is a band I picked up on my radar a couple weeks ago thanks to Sirius XM Liquid Metal.  I’m not kidding guys.  Serious Metal Lady boner right here.  I’m pretty sure I dropped a Sounds of My Now on this group.


I would classify the band as melodic noise…which makes sense as their roots come from punk tones, with some songs even evoking a dirgey, dirty raw sound…a reason I to this day will always love the early 90’s grunge.  Officially, they consider themselves to be Hardcore.  


  • Eric Balderose – guitar, vocals, synthesizer (2008–present)
  • Reba Meyers – vocals (2008–present), bass (2008–2011), guitar (2011–present)
  • Jami Morgan – drums, vocals (2008–present)
  • Joe Goldman – bass (2011–present)
  • Dominic Landolina – guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals (2017–present)

They started out as the Code Orange Kids in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Early on, they opened for groups including The Misfits and Anti-Flag.  With their name change to Code Orange an evolution of style and sound.  Heavier.  Orangeier. 

The title track from their latest album Forever, grabbed me.  The rolling distortion.  The pounding, chaotic noise.  The unrelenting anger.  Bleeding in the Blur sold me.  The noise  still present but melodic, and dark.  Perhaps it’s the “hit pop song” from the album, but it showcases the stylistic versatility when juxtaposed against the dirges.   

Also, shout out to Reba! Hard Music has another badass chick guitarist and vocalist!  And thank you for seeing yourself as a person bringing others together over notoriety based on your gender.  Thank you. 


LOOK. LISTEN. LEARN. Care of Spotify.

1)  Forever

2) Bleeding In The Blur

3) My World

4) I Am King

5) Dreams In Inertia


If you enjoyed these songs, please consider helping a young band by purchasing their music.

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