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Countdown to COA: Whitechapel

So, change of plans on Countdowns: I’m only focusing on the low-billed acts I’m truly excited to check out.  Also, Rodney will be helping me cover bands.

Next up: Whitechapel!  I’ll be perfectly honest…I have not put in as much time with this band as I should have by this point.  They’re right up my alley.

Death Metal + Metalcore = Deathcore 


  • Phil Bozeman – vocals (2006–present)
  • Ben Savage – lead guitar (2006–present)
  • Alex Wade – rhythm guitar (2006–present)
  • Gabe Crisp – bass guitar (2006–present)
  • Zach Householder – rhythm/lead guitar (2007–present)
  • Ben Harclerode – drums (2011–present)

So, you’ve heard of Jack the Ripper, right?  These boys from Tennessee chose the band name for the district in East London where the serial murder committed his deeds.  Brutal.  Phil and Ben Savage helped found the band in 2006 and soon began recording demos.  They weren’t messing around.

Speaking more to influences, Phil & Ben S. bring a death metal vibe to the band.  Zach is into the Black Metals of Norway.  Alex is totes Hardcore.  If you love Meshuggah, The Big Four Thrash bands, Gojira, Dehemoth, and Amon Amarth, you WILL love Whitechapel.


Care of Spotify

1)  The Saw Is Law

2)  Elitist Ones

3)  Mark Of The Blade

4)  I, Dementia

5)  Possession



  • The Somatic Defilement (2007)
  • This Is Exile (2008)
  • A New Era of Corruption (2010)
  • Whitechapel (2012)
  • Our Endless War (2014)
  • Mark of the Blade (2016)


If you enjoyed these songs, please consider helping a band by purchasing their music.


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