Countdown to COA: Vimic

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)


These guys were an opener for In This Moment last week before the second band went on, but Rodney and I missed them as were were down the street sucking down chocolate milkshakes at the Peacock Diner.


  • Joey Jordison – drums
  • Kalen Chase Musmecci — vocals
  • Jed Simon — guitar
  • Kyle Konkiel — bass
  • Matt Tarach — keyboards
  • Steve Marshall — guitar

This band gave rebirth to Joey after his initial diagnosis with a neurological affliction.  The initial version was Scar the Martyr.  Upon parting ways with Slipknot, Jordison aimed to focus on the next phase of his new project…a project so new, the band currently only has three songs at the moment.  With his longtime friend, Musmecci, in vocals, the band fell into place.  

Instantly, you hear tantalizing technical melodies.  While the band exudes brutality, darkness like that of Scar the Martyr does not stand at the forefront in the same manner.   Pouring their heavy hearts into riproaring riffs remains the utmost goal of the group.  Personally, my fav of the three released songs is “She Sees Everything.”  The opening grooves get me every damn time…and the sultriness sells me.


Care of Spotify

1)  My Fate

2)  Simple Skeletons

3)  She Sees Everything




  • Open Your Omen (2017)


  • “Simple Skeletons” (Single) (2016)
  • “She Sees Everything” (Single) (2016)
  • “My Fate” (Single) (2016)

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