Band Practice~12/3/17

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)

Tory and I FINALLY got together to lay down some tracks.  My left wrist cramped up after a few run-throughs of some simple power chords, so my skill level hasn’t changed too much. *cue canned laughter*  At least I look hot wearing my beautiful OlyBeau.




Not only did we lay instrumentals down for the latest part of our project Pop Disco Filth, we recorded MY backing vocals!  Oh, boy!  Tory threw me into the soundproof basement closet where I warmed up my vocals with exercises, singing, yelling, and Cookie Monster growling.


All in all, a productive band practice despite missing Les.  Les…we hope you’re not in a ditch somewhere hungover, though we wouldn’t put it past you. 

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