Spotlights on Followers: December 2017

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2018)

Hello, Lovelies!

As much as I’d love to hand out freebies to my followers, I am still building an audience and do not currently possess the resources to regularly offer them.  However, I am completely capable of  hollering some shout outs to my followers!  Check them out!  

  • Be Like Water Production  ~~A new independent multimedia production and distribution company runs this blog.   The group intends to submit their films to American and International film festivals.  If you enjoy short indie films, check them out!  They are interested in connecting with producers and writers for collaboration.  BLW doesn’t stop there.  They also dabble in music production.  Whether hip-hop or rap, all that matters to BLW is fresh talent and a taste for the creative.
  • Tim Higgins: Notes On Music ~~Tim Higgins is a professional musician straight out of Northeast England, Durham, specifically.  Along with performing, he records and teaches music.  Stage productions have even used some of his work.  His writing expands across a variety of music-related topics.  You can read samples of his work starting here.  Tim recently taught at Sunderland University, Sunbeam’s Music Trust and the Sage Gateshead, focusing especially on blues guitar.  He occasionally works on commissions.  If you’re in Tim’s area, look him up.  Whether to chat about gear or speak professionally, contact Tim at this page.
  • Yahooey’s Blog: A Little Bit Of Anything ~~Yahooey often posts inspirational quotes along with momentary musings.  Some of us use the pen to jot down our thoughts in a journal.  Some of us pick up the keyboard and let stream of consciousness take hold.  I do both.  Yahooey composes via blog.  It’s also said people more often act on their thoughts when they write them down.  Here’s to Yahooey for reminding us to take a moment to write and share.
  • JFAB: Live A Curious Life ~~Jen Fabian, otherwise known to readers as JFAB, wanders about the globe, experiencing adventures along the way.  She follows her passion–TRAVEL.  Some of her favorite spots include Australia, the Philippines, and Japan.  She offers travelling tips, insight on ethnic cuisine, must see landmarks, souvenirs to bring home, and of course, fantastic stories.  If Jen’s profile speaks to you, consider following her social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more! 

So there ya go, Lovelies.  Please like, subscribe, and follow my blog and show some love to my followers!  

Connect!  Make friends!  Network!  Live!  Learn from each other!

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