Spotlights On Followers: January 2018

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2018)

Hello, Lovelies!

Another month has gone by and more followers joined the Rockstar clan!  Throw on some tunes and check out these blogs. If you missed out on my December Spotlights, click for picks.  Subscribe if you enjoy the niche!  

  • Adam Harkus: The Blogging Musician ~~Adam is a guitarist from the U.K. filled with wanderlust.  The singer/songwriter and author found his sacrosanct space of learning and sharing by way of blogging.  Adam, I am right there with you.  With 20 years of involvement in the music business comes a plethora of topics to tackle.  He just released his debut album This is Who I am in 2016 followed by his first book Goa : A Lesson in Life, published in 2017.
  • raulconde001: A Topnotch Site ~~Raul Conde provides inspirational quotes of his own on life.  If you can think of a category, chances are he’s provided commentary on the topic, from “Astronomy” to “Vampires” (Okay, I didn’t see any insight on “Zanzibar” or “Zebras”).  If you’re looking for a pick-me-up anecdote, get lost among his pages.
  • Dr. Joseph Suglia: Selected Essays and Squibs ~~If you adore contemplating philosophical topics or indulging in the literature of Shakespeare, check out Joseph Suglia’s page.  He even talks film.  He’s a modern renaissance man.  His most recent posts discuss Nietzsche, so if you believe God is Dead, you must investigate.  Suglia wrote a definitive version of his novel “Watch Out,” published in 2008, and a film was created in the same year by director Steve Balderson.
  • Sam Wysesr: Across The Sea ~~Sam is an author and self-proclaimed “all-around bitch.”  As of the latest update to her about section, she is busy restructuring her trilogy into a six volume series. The tentative title of the series is ‘The Marlowe Chronicles’ which is loosely based around the old legend of Tam Lin. If you like paranormal fiction, consider digging around for her work.  Her hobbies include gaming and caring for stray animals (yay, fuzz babies!).  Her rage triggers include my own (misogyny, racial prejudice, sex and gender intolerance, and hurting fuzz babies).  Keep rambling, InSamniac!
  • dineANDrhyme ~~Okay. I’m not gonna lie.  There is a special place in my food belly for this blog.  First off, it’s a food blog…WITH RHYMING REVIEWS.  Second, Donna and Diana Chlimon are from Sweet Home Chicago, IL.  Despite growing up in the sticks 40 miles from Downtown, I still grew up only 40 miles from Downtown.  Just a quick drive or train ride with friends and family away.  Anywho, Blogger Donna combines her two loves: food and poetry.  She accepts contributions from writers around the world.  Vlogger Diana is a Communications/Media/Theater from the city.  She spent much of her childhood recording shenanigans with her cousins using her dad’s huge camcorder.  The ladies post new delicious entries every Wednesday.  Be prepared for your mouth to water, especially when you run across a deep dish post!   

So there ya go, Lovelies.  Please like, subscribe, and follow my blog and show some love to my followers!  

Connect!  Make friends!  Network!  Live!  Learn from each other!

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