Rockstar Tip #4: Perspective

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

Here’s something to ponder.

You walk into a music store. Hanging on the walls are rows upon rows of gorgeous, glistening guitars. Triple single coils and Humbuckers. Maple and Rosewood. 7 strings. Whammy bars. Electric acoustics.

Basically. A Luthier’s dream.

But guess what? In that moment, you don’t appreciate where you’re at. You couldn’t. You’re too fixated on what isn’t on the walls at present moment–an Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein replica.

If you decided to visit the shoppe under the premonition that you planned to go home with that guitar and that guitar only, you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed. Look at all the other opportunities around you!

Stratocasters! SGs! That beautiful Ibanez in the corner with the cherry red body!

While passion-seeking, you must open yourself up to possibilities. If you’re convinced finding what you love and is uniquely you is too hard of a task to endure, you may never feel fulfilled with life.

Even though Eddie’s Frankenstein is Hella-sweet, wouldn’t you rather be remembered for your own passionate, signature Rockstar style?

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