Rockstar Tip #5: Discover

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

Once you’ve decided you can open yourself up to possibilities, it’s time to discover what you enjoy peering through a refreshed, positive perspective.

Peer as far back as your childhood.  I’ve been listening to Heavy Metal and Rock since I was literally an infant.  Judas Priest lulled me to sleep as a baby.  I danced to Alice Cooper as a toddler.  I listened to my Dad play Led Zeppelin on his 1970’s Stratocaster regularly after his long day in coveralls.  Bible stories and lore comfort some.  I found solace in Rockstars and their legends.

When I was 17, the folks took me and Baby Bro to our first concert for my Birthday–Alice Cooper.  From then onward to the present, attending live shows for the magic and spiritual experience drove my love of music to the next level. 

In 2017, I went to a concert about once a month.  What bit of spending money I make goes straight towards supporting my music habit and my favorite artists.  Sure, I could throw more money in my savings or investment accounts for the future, but I prefer to indulge in what I feel are the most ethereal experiences I can attain in this world while I still can.  It’s why I bring my close friends along for the adventures with no expectation of them paying a dime.  It’s why I sit here and write for you.  I adore sharing my stories with fellow fans and an engaged audience. 

We’re only around on this plane for a short while.  Indulge yourself in your passion.

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