Breezer’s Top Ten Metal Digs~~Throwback 2018

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2020)

Hello, Metalheads!
I apologize for a long-term hiatus, but on top of chronic illness, purchasing an adorable little bungalow, planning a huge BIG 30 Party, and the Holidays, finding motivation and energy to write fell very short. If you missed out on my last Breezer’s Top Ten Metal Digs, take a listen. And if you have Spotify, check out my Top Metal Digs Playlist. Let’s rage!

1) Jasta ~ “13 Appears”

Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta put out some solo work, collaborating with Prong’s Tommy Victor and guitarist Joey Concepcion.

With JASTA, I can take a song I wrote for another band 10 years ago that’s been sitting on a flash drive, and even though it’s something I would have never done…I played it [at my solo shows] and the whole place was singing it and had their hands in the air, and I was so happy I kept it…It doesn’t have to be for just HATEBREED fans, and that’s the difference.”

I think Hatebreed fans would enjoy the driving tempo and rage found in this flash drive jam.

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2) BabyMetal ~ “Distortion”

Ahh…BABYMETAL…the Kawaii Maidens of Darkness and Chocolate. They’re back with the established juxtaposition between aesthetic cuteness and daemons of destruction. I am no linguistic expert, but through the use of Google Translate and, below are loose interpretations of the second chorus from their native Japanese.
Shout at the distorted body
Cut through the distorted pain
It’s a dirty world.
If distorted wings could fly
I am not afraid.
Cut it down!
And they dropped this gem off on May 1st…

The Chosen Seven Metal Spirits? 驚くばかり

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3) Clutch ~ “Gimmie the Keys”

The setting of this song paints relatable nostalgia of Midwest cornfield capers…except in this story, Kansas skinheads wielded firearms at the guys of Clutch over an accused stolen microphone.

Microphone GIF
Neil Fallon recounts life on the road during the band’s first tour, one full of epic disappointment. Shows were regularly cancelled, venues hid out of plain sight deep in rows of gold, and audiences of one struck as all too familiar. At least after nearly 30 years and cutting teeth on tough lessons, the results sound worth a barrel pointed at the face.

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4) Kataklysm ~ “Narcissist”

The Canadian-based Death Metal group pump out a chugging track perfect for chill headbanging. It’s a bit short and a denouement seems lacking, but the groove comes out regardless. “Narcissist” appears on the band’s latest album Meditations. Singer Maurizio Iacono pours,

The boys and I were isolated under the same roof during the writing process, just like we did in the early days… with no worries except having fun, being honest and delivering a serious album that represents us today but respects our past.

The new album is so personal to the band that guitarist J-F Dagenais and drummer Oli Beaudoin produced it. Furthermore, Jay Ruston, who has worked with Anthrax and Stone Sour mixed the piece, and Paul Logus who has worked with the honorable Pantera mastered the work.

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5) Abiogenesis ~ “Visualize”

Holy Fucking Djent, Batman! It’s good to have Metalhead friends around to point you in this direction. One drunken night not too long ago, some friends and myself fell down a YouTube rabbit hole watching various Metal videos. We came across this young band.
The term “abiogenesis” refers to the origin of life. The band points to the concept in their “call to action.”

As the universe constantly expands itself, we strive for perfection.
But, as human beings, our nature is faulty, so we’ll never be able to close the circle.

Show this new prog group with a MASSIVE sound some love.

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6) Alien Weaponry ~ “Kai Tangata”

I am in love with this band. I cannot wait for the day I see them live. These Metal teens out of New Zealand are setting themselves up for a life of epic musicianship.
The song references the symbols of Tūmatauenga – the Māori god of war, from which the debut album derives its name. Warring tribes battle using a plethora of weaponry, including guns and close range combat arms. Singer and lead guitarist Lewis de Jong recounts

Some people might find it a bit grisly, but it’s stuff that actually happened and nobody ever talks about it. We’re not saying it’s right or wrong, it’s just a part of our history.

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7) Terror Universal ~ “Make Them Bleed”

Boy, I love the horror genre, and this masked supergroup melds Metal with the macabre both visually and lyrically. They definitely draw from Slipknot and Mushroomhead stylistically. Notables include the band’s drummer, Ill Nino’s Dave Chavarri, an appearance by Tony Campos of Fear Factory fame, and Disturbed’s John Moyer.

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8) Burn the Priest ~ “Jesus Built My Hotrod”

I found this Ministry cover by some band that sounds exactly like Lamb of God. So there was only one thing that I could do…
..was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long.

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9) Sleep ~ “Marijuanaut’s Theme”

If you love Sabbath, you’ll enjoy this tune by Sleep. The band comes out of San Jose, CA with doomy, stoner metal to boot. As suggested by the title of “Marijuanaut’s Theme,” the group regularly uses cannabis imagery throughout their work, often in a religious context. As far as to their regular use of cannabis, I cannot speak. Whatever they’re doing, keep it up!

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10) Code Orange ~ “The Hunt”

It’s no secret I have a total hard on for Code Orange, but what does Corey Taylor think?

Weeeelllll, you can hear him on this industrial track. Plenty of Redditers express concern over his scream quality and vocal strain, but Corey Taylor will do what Corey Taylor do. As far as lyrics go, I interpret a stinging reflection on the band’s quick rise to Metal majesty, possibly in facing trials found within the music industry. But Code Orange will persevere Forever.

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