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(Last Updated On: July 12, 2021)

Did you think this would be all about you? Rockstars worth their salt aren’t so obsessed with only improving themselves. Rockstars possess purpose.

“If I’m not changing people’s lives, what are we doing here?”~~Lady Gaga


What do I mean by “purpose?” I mean the intention to contribute to the livelihood and well-being of others. Why would we do this? Purpose is another source of passion. For some of you, purpose is more important for cultivating passion than interest.

Passions of gritty people depend on interest and purpose

I spent so much time in my youth working in community service. This easily translated into my public service career. Much of the reason I’ve fallen out of passion with my current position stems from feeling as though my effort no longer benefits others. I’m not longer changing people’s lives for the better.

So what am I doing here?

Angela Duckworth references compelling evidence, both her own anecdotal (hypothesis!) and scientific, why leaders and employees must keep the purpose of all in mind. Ultimately, when employees enjoy their work, the effort put into their work increases. Productivity potentially increases. Workers lowest on the chain of command feel they are solving a larger world problem and personally making a difference.

But how do I cultivate purpose?

  1. Reflect on how your current work can make a positive contribution to society.
  2. Think about how you can incrementally change your current work to enhance its connection to your core life values. This is also referred to as “job crafting.”
  3. Find inspiration from your favorite role models.

I will keep looking to my Rockstars and myself for inspiration and answers.

What is your purpose? Who are your role models?

“Chapter 8: Purpose.” Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, by Angela Duckworth, Scribner, 2018, pp. 143-167 .

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