Highly Suspect: SOLD OUT!

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2018)

Black ocean, cold and dark,

I am the hungry shark, fast and merciless

I didn’t realize the significance this band would play upon my life when “Lydia” debuted and played incessantly on the radio during the Summer of 2015…when I met him…

But the only girl that could talk to him just couldn’t swim.

Tell me what’s worse than this?

These guys possessed something different than the typical radio rock bands I avoid.  Even though the opening to “Lydia” always reminded me of The Police’s “Roxanne,” the lyrics paint a deep, dark story about a woman’s futile fall and even demise of herself coming with unconditionally loving a self-destructive man.  I didn’t know then this song would so accurately stand as an anthem in my heart for a particular period in my life.

…And such remains the torturous beauty of music. A recorder of scars.

What I knew then was Highly Suspect shook me.  Their music videos…grabbed me.

And the song “Mister Asylum” sold me.  This unbelievable bluesy rock groove.  The impeccably written lyrics conveying raw emotions coupled with poetic intensity.  When I explained the band’s sound to my Dad, I likened the quality of the lyrics to any classic Aerosmith hit.  I knew seeing these guys live would absolutely thrill me.

And after my July-August, I needed an escape.

Last night, Pat and I hopped in my ride and got the venue before the doors opened.  Parked straight across from the tour bus, and dashed to the line wrapped around the block.  As soon as we entered The Castle, we plowed through to the front of the stage.  I’m short. Breezer: Five Foot Nada.  I use this to my advantage.  We quickly made friends with a couple of blondes and Harry The Tour Bus Driver, sipped some of Pat’s Blue Moon, and mindlessly bounced to the DJ beats while patiently waiting for the openers…BONES.

BONES straight outta London exemplifies why I love to show up for the openers.  Sometimes you get a flop, but sometimes…you get magic.  Two boss babes with guitars, Rosie Bones & Carmen Vandenberg, rocked the house.  They won me over with “Girls Can’t Play Guitar.”  I suggest you do some digging or catch them at U.S. show sometime to get the story behind that song. #BiologicallyImpossible

After a delightful set came the new bad boys from Massachusetts. #BKCC  Immediately, I swooned, just 10 feet from the stage…just 20 feet from Johnny, Rich, and Ryan.  No, I did not lower myself to fangirlling…I just watched lovingly in awe of the raw passion on display by these charming ruffian minstrels.  As I mentioned in my short vlog, these guys do not play tight…they play loose and rough.  Johnny, Rich, and Ryan are three best friends jamming in the dank basement with a couple hundred friends over, dancing, sipping spirits, and the occasional “fucked up on booze and fun drugs” barefoot hooligan pal chucking cake into the onlooking group (That TOTALLY happened!).  They exchange crooked smile glances and wailing stringed duels as if no one were watching.   

I just…felt their souls.  The artistic integrity and passion stand testament to why the crowd yells “My Crew Is Dope.”  Johnny. Rich. Ryan.  You absolutely have a fan and my heart for life.  I cannot wait to watch you grow and listen to your journey on your third album.

As far as the hungry shark…I’m still here so, why don’t you…pour me another one, Kyle.

*mic drop*

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