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Tag: Rock

Let’s Hear It For Harry!

Our friend Harry has been officially tagged by the boys of Highly Suspect…and where better than my Sweet Home Chicago.  Stay Dope, Harry!  And Safe Travels! #MCID  

Black Tee Event

I just started getting the first shipments of band tees in the mail.  I’m hanging them all up on luxurious pink velvet hangers to air out.  Soon enough, I will start deciding how I want to distress and bedazzle them … Continue Reading Black Tee Event

Hashtag #Smashtag

So, here’s a first…seeing a buddy’s band perform for an event! I’m here at a wine-tasting/benefit for breast cancer called WineRocks! hosted at a dinky winery set back in the middle of farmland nowhere.  Dane sings with #Smashtag, one of the local … Continue Reading Hashtag #Smashtag